Reading List

Primary study

What The Buddha Taught, by Walpola Rahula

The Heart Of The Buddha’s Teaching, by Thich Nhat Hanh

Buddhism Without Beliefs, by Stephen Batchelor

Stages of Meditation, by The Dalai Lama

The Art of Just Sitting, Edited by John Daido Lori

Peace Is Every Step, by Thich Nhat Hanh

The Heart Of Buddhist Meditation, by Nyanaponika Thera

Subtle Sounds, by Maurine Stuart

The Six Perfections, by Dale S. Wright

Secondary Study

The Awakening of the West by Stephen Batchelor.  History of the encounters of Buddhism with the West .

Buddhism In America by Richard Seager.  A historical overview of Buddhism’s transformation in America over the past two centuries.

How the Swans Came to the Lake by Rick Fields.  Narrative history of Buddhism in America.

Early Buddhist Discourses by John Holder.  Twenty discourses from the Pali Canon.

The Eight Gates of Zen by John Daido Loori.  Moral and ethics as experienced in the spiritual training of an American Zen monastery.

Zen’s Chinese Heritage by Andy Ferguson.  Introduction to the legacy of Zen masters, their philosophy, their world and their teachings.

Mahayana Buddhism: The Doctrinal Foundations by Paul Williams.  An introduction to the foundational principles of the Mahayana Buddhist tradition.